Memorable Gifts from “The Gifts of the Magi”

Can you recall the most memorable gift you have ever received?

The Gift of Friends!

“Ten years ago, cancer struck me for the second time.  Three of my girlfriends showed up to help me through those “chemo days”.  Janice, Momi and Meg were strangers to each other then, but not for long.  We  four formed the “Front Row Center” ladies and started attending every season of Providence Players.  What a marvelous gift!  Thank you for entertaining us so wonderfully!”  (Thank you, Sharon, for your story and your patronage!)  [Photo: Left to right, Janice Thompson, Sharon Roslund, Momi Sekhon and Meg Irish.]

Sharon Roslund, long-term patron

Coming to the United States! (A video)

“To be honest, personally, it was being able to come to the U.S.   A lot of people outside the U.S. – other countries – don’t have what the U.S. provides.  The infrastructure, the way things are, the way society is, the way the cultural is, the way the customs are.  All the opportunities…so I think that is the best gift I got in my life my parents.  If I’m really honest, now I’m at the point where I can use my mind, I can use my brain to get what I need in life…”  See the entire video.

Anand Tripathi, plays Digsby in “The Gift of the Magi”

My First Grown-Up Bike! (A video)

“The first thing that comes to mind, when I was 8-years-old, it was Christmas morning and I remember the whole bounding down the stairs with my brother.  Right at the bottom of the stairs before we even got to the tree was my first bike.  And it was the kind of bike that doesn’t have training wheels – bike.  I was so excited, it was bright blue, the perfect size, had the gears and it was so special to see that right away…”  See the entire video.

Lindsey Morris, plays Clarice in and is the Stage Manager for “The Gift of the Magi”


The Gift of “Dress-Up”

“The best gift I ever received was also the one that sparked my love of playing dress up and thereby theater.

Some back ground. When I was a little girl, I was an only child with a birthday on Christmas Day.  I had lots and lots of dolls and stuffed animals.  And I played with them.  But I was never one of those little girls who would leave their dolls naked.  My dolls were always wearing clothes and often times so were the stuffed animals. Even our dogs were not immune from my desire to put something pretty on them. What can I say, I have always loved putting people into clothes that tell a story.

Anyway, this one Christmas I saw little packages start appearing under the tree.  My mother seemed a bit pre occupied, but I was around 9 or 10, so it didn’t make that great of an impression.

But Christmas morning when I came into the living room, there were what seemed like every single doll sitting under the tree wearing a brand new outfit.  The gifts had tags which indicated they were for other dolls, or maybe an extra outfit for another. And the big gift was a Revlon Fashion Doll, with a complete wardrobe, and a trunk to keep it all in.  Of course, I lost the shoes by the end of day, but I still have that doll and all her clothes and some of the other outfits as well.

I found out many years later, that that year was financially tough for my family, but my mother was a great seamstress and spent months, making the clothes, so that I could have a lot of packages under the tree.  But it was the best gift, and I could share it with all my favorite characters.”

Robbie Snow, Long-Time Member

The Gift of Hope

“I grew up in a family of eight children and modest means.  This was especially apparent during the holidays as we scraped together whatever gifts we could make, find or buy with the money we had – which wasn’t much.  We used to pick names, and everyone feared that the youngest would choose you.  One year, my younger brother, John, put his name on every slip that went into the hat.  We didn’t figure it out for days!  However, despite our scarcity, the love in our family was immense and hope was abundant.  Each year, we would share the blessings that we had and the special times we shared.  That – and the matching pajamas my mother would make – would make the holiday very special indeed.  This play addresses poverty in a real and uplifting way.  Despite their need, the love that Della and Jim have for each other is front and center – and hopeful!  A good lesson for all of us.  May you have hope and joy with your family and friends during this Christmas and holiday season.”

Beth Gilles-Whitehead, Director, The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of Time

“For years, our family braved the malls to face packed crowds for holiday shopping.  As the kids got older, we began to appreciate that the greatest gift we had was time – the time we shared together during the holiday season.  Last year, we all went to dinner and a holiday musical at local theater – together, all eleven of us (including my Mom, what a treat).  The experience of enjoying a wonderful meal and theatrical event was incredibly memorable and special, a time we will remember far more than the tie or socks I received that year (though I needed both)!  So, one of the most memorable gifts I’ve ever received was the gift of time.  I sincerely wish everyone a very special and happy Christmas and holiday season!”

David Whitehead, Co-Producer, The Gift of the Magi


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Another time and place!  Della and Jim meet in New York City in 1915, a time of looming war and hardship.  The Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and suffragettes carry banners, “Votes for Women.” The Rocky Mountain National Park is established by an act of Congress, and the first US coast-to-coast long-distance telephone call is facilitated by Alexander Graham Bell in New York City, where Jim and Della meet.  Come experience the holiday spirit during another time and place, where a couple falls in love and unexpected gifts are exchanged.  A wonderful time of year to reflect on all of our gifts, and an inspiring holiday feel-good story, suitable for the entire family!  Join us!