Announcing a Continuing Collaboration with Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation

(An announcement from President, Nick Manicone)

It is my pleasure to announce that Providence Players of Fairfax again will sponsor the Tinner Hill Music Festival which will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2022, in Falls Church City.


Providence Players is fortunate to perform at the James Lee Center located in a historically Black Community within Falls Church. We share our neighborhood with the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation. The descendants of African Americans who thrived in Falls Church, still live, work and worship in the vicinity. Their ancestors were part of the social and economic fabric of the community and their history has been hidden through gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, marginalization, and most recently by urban growth and development.

Last year, Providence Players collaborated with Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation and the staff of the Tinner Hill Music Festival to hire musical artists for its production of The Parking Lot.  World-class, local artists like Anthony “Swampdog” Clark, Calista Garcia, Carly Harvey and Eric Scott added a musical richness to this production, each and every evening, and audiences were delighted.   We are proud of our collaboration with Tinner Hill and we are grateful for their help and support.

Anthony “Swampdog” Clark, Calista Garcia and Carly Harvey.

Providence Players has agreed to sponsor the Tinner Hill Heritage Village at the Tinner Hill Music Festival, in support of Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation and the incredible artists in our community.  We are proud of our collaboration with the Foundation and the Festival, and hope that you will join us there on Saturday, June 11.

Tinner Hill Music Festival is the premier charity event that celebrates and honors the African American legacy, Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation’s mission. The Festival brings culturally rich live music & arts to the City of Falls Church to create a sensational Festival experience.

Go here to get your tickets to the event!  Hope to see you there!

Nick Manicone
President, Providence Players of Fairfax