Black History Month

Black History Month allows us to reflect on the role of Black Americans in shaping our nation’s history and richness and bringing to light their many achievements and contributions. This month also offers us an opportunity to recognize all those who led the fight for equality while also taking the time to reflect on some of the darkest aspects of our country’s history, and the work that lies ahead of us in righting our nation’s wrongs.

Honoring Our Neighbors 

Providence Players is fortunate to perform at the James Lee Center located in a historically Black Community within Falls Church. We share our neighborhood with the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation. The descendants of African Americans who thrived in Falls Church, still live, work and worship in the vicinity. Their ancestors were part of the social and economic fabric of the community and their history has been hidden through gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, marginalization, and most recently by urban growth and development. The Foundation, in collaboration with GMU, founded “100 Years of Black Falls Church”, an online collaborative project. This joint undertaking is funded in part by a Scholarship-in-Partnership Grant from the National Trust for Historical Preservation.

This website and movie give voice to a brave and triumphant community throughout a period when society was separate and unequal.

We encourage individuals to continue their personal journeys by seeking out pieces created by, written by, and/or celebrating Black and diverse voices.