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Boredom, Fear and Wine

by Craig Pospisil
Directed by Sarah Baczewski


When you’re stuck at home during a global pandemic, everything happens online—even therapy. Harper is suffering, and can’t reconcile feelings about the terrifying disease with the monotony of lockdown. Jess tries to be a sympathetic ear, but the session goes off the rails.

This play is a one-act and is about 15 min long.

About the Director, Sarah Baczewski

Sarah Baczewski is a Washington state native, who is a recent transplant to Washington, DC by way of Los Angeles, CA. After being active in community theatre in the Pacific Northwest, she pursued directing at Whitman College with a BA in Theatre.  She pivoted to film/television and did a one-year program at The Seattle Film Institute before moving to Los Angeles in 2005 to work in the entertainment industry.  After 12+ years, she transitioned to the nonprofit space and currently works for an environmental nonprofit, which brought her to DC in November 2019.  She’s very excited to get involved in the local community theatre scene in the DMV area, and especially to get back into the director’s chair.

Like many folks during the pandemic, she’s been cooped up, sometimes scared, sometimes bored, and frequently on the verge of losing her mind, so Boredom, Fear and Wine definitely resonated with her.  And it’s a perfect moment for a fun, breezy, one-act comedy to lighten the mood!

The Parking Lot

by Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Jayne L. Victor and Michael Donahue


A married couple, but will they stay that way much longer? Some couples have the benefit of negotiating the ups and downs of marriage in private, and/or in therapy. But the pandemic changed all of that so J and Terry have decided to use a parking lot as the setting to answer a very critical question… should they get a divorce?

About the Director, Jayne L. Victor

Jayne L. Victor is a longtime member of Providence Players and a past President. She has directed several productions for PPF including The Glass Mendacity, Auntie Mame and Moon Over Buffalo. In addition to directing, Jayne has performed on the PPF stage as well as other stages in the area.

Sleight of Hand

By and Directed by Mary Zuzik Andrechik

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Running Time:  15 minutes

Play Synopsis

A light-hearted comedy, Sleight of Hand follows 95-year-old Harvey as he looks to add some excitement to his life by robbing a bank.  His wife, Esther, and best friends, Arthur and Mildred, all think he is crazy, but Harvey forges ahead on his adventure.  While in the bank, he must confront the flaws in his plan, along with the Bank President and Bank Security, until his beloved Esther rushes in.  Sleight of Hand is a delightful, short comedy that proves that you are never too old to cross something off your bucket list.