Fun Feature: Two for Tuesday Quiz For April 15th

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PPF is running the occasional Two for Tuesday Quiz Series leading up to our opening of Rumors on May 30th – Enjoy the challenge!

Two Free Tickets to Rumors will go to the first person to post the most complete set of answers either here on the website (post in the comment section to this news item) or in our PPF Facebook Group (join if you are not a member of the group). Craig Geoffrion is NOT eligible to win! 

The Providence Players' Craig Geoffrion Photo by Chip Gertzog
The Providence Players’ Craig Geoffrion

Here is “Two for Tuesday” Quiz #2 – Featuring Craig Geoffrion

Take a look at the two photo montages below

Answer the questions that follow (there are some hints). All the answers can be found on the website.

Post your answers here on the website or in our Facebook Group in the pinned post for today (join us on our Facebook Group if you are not already a member)


The earliest, most complete responses, posted either here or on the Facebook group will win two free tickets to Rumors Opening Night Friday May 30, 2014

4-15-14 Montage 1 Providence Players Photos by Chip Gertzog
Two for Tuesday Montage 1

4-15-14 Montage 2 Providence Players Photos by Chip Gertzog

Two for Tuesday Montage 2

From Montage 1

1. Photo 1A and 1B – Name the  show title of this PPF past production – Hint: Last production at Frost Middle School before the move to James Lee. Directed by Beth and David Whitehead. Still need more help – see the PPF Production History Page.

2. Photo 2 – Name the production directed by Tina Thronson.

3. Photo 2 – What Rumors cast member made his PPF debut in this production? Hint: He is shown in the photo. Another hint: Read This

3. Photo 3 – Craig is shown here with Betsy Hansen in last spring’s production of Is He Dead? Who directed the show and what role are they performing in Rumors?  Hint: Read This

From Montage 2

4. Photo 4 – Shown here with Barbara Gertzog – Name the play and the role for which Craig won a 2004 WATCH Award. Hint: See our Awards Page

5. Photo 5 – Craig won a WATCH award in 2007 associated with the set of this play. What play and what WATCH award? (see the hint for #4 if you need it!)

6. Photo 6A and 6B – Name the production, directed by David Whitehead, produced by PPF in 2008. (Check Our Production History Page)

7. Photo 7  – Name the actor furthest left in the picture. He has been nominated for and won many WATCH awards. He is designing the set for Rumors.

8. Photo 8 – Name this 2008 production, Directed by Chip Gertzog, and the actress Craig is playing opposite. Hint: The Actress is making her directorial debut with PPF for Rumors?

All the answers are glean-able here on the website. Post you answers either in the comments section to this post here on the website or in the PPF Facebook group in the comments section of the pinned post.

Have Fun! Get your Ticket to Rumors!

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Photos by Chip Gertzog, Providence Players