Audition Announcement: “The Librarian”

By Hansol Jung

Playwright, Hansol Jung

Commissioned by The Public Theater
Directed by Julie Janson

Play Synopsis

There is a library of your life stacked in its shelves. The Librarian of this library charges 200 bucks a minute to help you rewrite it. Then a clown walks in…

Learn about the playwright and read the full script here:

Providence Players of Fairfax is:

  • A non-profit community theater troupe. All participation is on a volunteer basis. No members of the cast or crew are compensated.
  • A membership organization. Membership is not required to audition. If cast, all actors (and in fact, all volunteers), are required to become members of Providence Players of Fairfax ($25 per individual or $60 per family – three or more) for the season (if not already a member).

Casting Announcement

Providence Players is casting 5 roles.  Three roles are completely race/gender/age neutral. No roles are precast, and all roles are OPEN.  All backgrounds, ages, ethnicities welcome and encouraged to audition! 

Download and complete the Audition Form.

We will not be holding traditional auditions. Instead, please send an e-mail with: the audition form and a current picture of yourself (doesn’t have to be a headshot) to with the subject title “THE LIBRARIAN” by Monday, June 8 for consideration. The director may contact you via e-mail with questions or to set up a ten-minute video chat.

If cast, you must register for a free Zoom account. Basic ability to use Zoom encouraged, including how to join a meeting, and how to choose a background. No Zoom experience? We can teach you!

Rehearsals will normally be 60-90 minutes long on weeknights between 5pm-8pm and on weekends as desired by the cast and director. This schedule is flexible based on cast availability.

This entire process will take place online, including the performance! In many ways, this will be like shooting a short film rather than performing a traditional show. We will rehearse and do table work through video chat, and the performance will be pre-recorded via a number of scenes that will then be edited together.

And most importantly (and fun!) – this will be COLLABORATIVE and CREATIVE! Actors will need to be creative finding their own costumes and props they can use from their own home and there are special effects throughout the play we can have a lot of fun with – ideas will be WELCOME!

Have questions?  Email us at


LIBRARIAN (any race/gender/age): Large role – in all scenes. This role will be very collaborative, from helping to put a tune to the Librarian’s song to helping with scene transitions, magical moment execution, and finding props for use at home.

CLIENT* (any race/gender/age in 30s): Large role – in most scenes. This role will be collaborative, helping with scene transitions, magical moment execution, and finding props for use at home.

TEACHER (any race/gender/age): Smaller role – 2 scenes, 3 lines. Needs big personality and a wacky outfit

DAD (any race/male/30-40s): Mid-sized role. This role will be collaborative to help with the effect of “rewinding” in time

CLOWN* (any race/gender/age): Mid-sized role. REALLY helps if this person has experience clowning and has the costume and props to go with it but if not, we will get creative!!!!

*For the Client/Clown scene, it would be ideal if these two people could be in the same room – please state in your audition application if you reside with someone who is also applying.

We look forward to hearing from you!