Announcing: Providence PopUp “Shorts”

Are you aching for a creative outlet? Just want to engage with other artists to create something imaginative and fun? Well great news! A new opportunity has just POPPED UP!

In a time of social distancing and the shuttering of live theater, Providence Players of Fairfax wants to continue, in a small way, to offer quality, affordable, entertainment experiences to current and new audiences, while at the same time furthering our core values of participation and learning through creative expression. If you have seen one of Providence Players’ PopUp performances at the Italian Café, you are familiar with the PopUp mission of providing our members opportunities to expand artistically while broadening our audience, membership, and repertoire.

It is with that mission in mind that we are happy to announce that we will be adapting our PopUp format to include short, online performances our community can participate in and/or enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can see an example here.

Follow Providence Players on social media for POP UP opportunities to:

  • Perform in our next project. Shows will be cast through an open call for volunteers based on a mix of preference and best fit. As time goes on, preference will be given to those who haven’t performed yet or in a while.  Keep an eye out for opportunities on our website and social media!
  • Direct! We at Providence are always committed to quality. Every project will have a director to do some table work, give notes, and apply a cohesive vision to the performance in partnership with the technical lead. E-mail us at with the subject line “PopUp Director,” if interested. If you have never directed with Providence, a board member will partner with you on the project.
  • The whole package! Tired of waiting for Providence to post a show? Have one of your own you would like to do and already have a cast in mind? E-mail with the subject line “PopUp Pitch”, a copy of the script and a brief paragraph (<200 words) summarizing your pitch. Someone will be in touch to work with you.
    • We will review all pitches, but acceptance is not guaranteed
    • We currently prefer shows that are around 10-40 minutes long (one acts)
    • We will help you look into the rights availability for your show

Just interested in watching the performances? Be sure to follow Providence Players on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You can guarantee connecting with this offering by liking and following the Providence Facebook Page, joining the Providence Players Facebook Group and following the Providence Players on Instagram.

And just like our in-person performances, we encourage you to make a night of it with dinner AND a show! The Italian Café is still serving delicious takeout for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Providence Players will always work to provide an artistic outlet to help sustain and develop our community of member artists, no matter what challenges we face. We look forward to creating with you once again.

Mere Mortals, by David Ives.