Opening Weekend Guide: “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”


The Complete Guide to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


Ticket availability for this weekend: This has been the best selling holiday show in PPF history, BUT, plenty of tickets remain for all performances. The best way to assure yourself tickets is to purchase them online at the link below (we never charge our patrons a fee for online ticket purchases). Some tickets will be available at the door for all performances this weekend.


best-christmas-author-directorThe Providence Players will be opening Barbara Robinson’s contemporary holiday classic The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this weekend with 4 performances. The production runs from Friday, December 9th through Sunday, December 18th for a total of 9 performances conveniently scheduled to fit into the busiest of holiday schedules. Here is a complete guide to everything you might want to know about this fabulous production.



The Providence Players at the James Lee Community Center Theater
2855 Annandale Road, Falls Church


Performance Dates and Timesbest-christmas-regular-large-no-background
Opening Weekend in Red
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30 p.m.
December 9, 10, 15, 16, 17,
Saturday & Sunday Matinees 2:00 p.m.
December 10, 11, 17, & 18

Purchase Tickets Here

$17 General Admission Seating. Tickets best purchased online at the link above (no service fee) but may also be reserved by email at or by phone at 703-425-6782 (leave voicemail) and at the door.

Show Length with a Post-Show Bonus

ppf-best-christmas-pageant-ever-santa-reception-area-2-photo-by-chip-gertzog-providence-playersThe Best Christmas Pageant Ever runs about one breezy hour, is performed without intermission, AND each performance is followed by a Santa Reception with refreshments (provided by and benefiting the Young Hearts – donation appreciated).


The Play

The Worst Kids in the world? The Herdman kids in the Providence Players production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. L to R Front:Aerial Indirisano (Ollie), Jack Wright (Ralph) Back: Gavin Friel (Claude) Erika Friel (Gladys), Nora Rice (Imogene), Kashvi Ramani (Loretta). Photo by Chip Gertzog, Providence Players

Based on the first book in Barbara Robinson’s acclaimed Herdmans series– Publisher’s Weekly straight-up called it “one of the best Christmas books ever” — The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, introduces us to the six “worst kids in the world.” This stage production perfectly captures the merry mayhem that results when the Herdmans, the town’s rowdy, sticky-fingered, pyromaniacal bullies, decide to audition for the annual holiday pageant and re-tell the nativity story their way. The entire town has gathered in anticipation, waiting to see the Herdmans ruin Christmas – or will they?  This funny, heartwarming, holiday tale has become a classic: and good for the entire family!

Providence Players “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” on the Lifestyles TV show “Business Profile” Hosted by Charlene Sloan

Click on the photo to go to the YouTube Replay A discussion with Director Liz Mykietyn and actress Michelle Shader

And Joel Markowitz, Publisher and Editor at (and an outstanding supporter of community theater in the DC Region) is publishing a  Meet the Cast of Providence Players’ ‘The Best Christmas Pageant Ever’ series edited by PPF’s own Julie Janson.

Click on the Photo for Part 1 of the DCMTA Interview Series: Michelle Shader as Mrs. Bradley
Click on the Photo for Part 2 of the DCMTA Interview Series: Sally Ann Flores as Reverend Hopkins
Click on the Photo for Part 3 of the DCMTA Interview Series: Evie Izdepski as Beth Bradley

PPF’s Rob Cuevas interviews some of the younger cast members for their take on this contemporary holiday classic:

CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO WATCH THE VIDEO – Interviews and videography by Rob Cuevas, Providence Players

The Fairfax Connection Newspaper made their Best Christmas Pageant Ever story by David Siegel their Print Edition Cover Story Nov.24th

Click on the Cover Photo to the Online Version of the David Siegel piece entitled “Finding the True Spirit of Christmas Providence Players present ‘Best Christmas Pageant Ever.’”

We first produced this show in 2012 and it proved to be our most popular holiday offering ever. We are mounting the the contemporary holiday classic again with WATCH award winning “Best Director” Liz Mykietyn at the helm and a brand-new cast of extraordinarily talented young people and adults. Once again, in keeping with our larger mission of “building community through theater”, we are partnering with The Young Hearts, a nationally recognized group of young people dedicated to raising funds to fight disease and support families facing life-threaten illness. Half of all net proceeds from this holiday production will be donated to the Young Hearts Foundation in pursuit of their important mission.  Great theater for a great cause!

The Cast of PPF’s Production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Directed by Liz Mykietyn

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” director Liz Mykietyn

A Note From the Director: I love holiday productions.  I’ve even written original Christmas scripts and I enjoy being both on stage or in the director’s seat for a great holiday show.  Why this script?!  I know it inside and out.  I myself played “Beth Bradley” when I was a kid, let’s just say circa early 1980s.  I vividly remember laughing at my friend Hava who played our Gladys Herdman  because she was absolutely perfect at it and so hysterical.  And laughing at Christmas time reminds me of my own family, for the family that laughs together bonds together just as much as when you are there for the rough times, too.   Thus, I was thrilled in 2007 when I was asked to direct The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for the Sterling Playmakers with a windfall of memories from this silly but sweet script.  I am even more excited to get another chance here at my home theater group, the Providence Players of Fairfax, where I can continue the tradition of a story that obviously survives the test of time as they say.  At the heart of this story, we learn you cannot judge books by their covers and that everyone, even on their worst day, deep down is good. The Herdmans – the worst kids in town in the multiple stories written by Barbara Robinson in the 1970s – prove themselves to not be so bad after all.  And isn’t Christmas Eve a great night for us all to stop and remember the holiday spirit and that everyone needs a hug.

Love, Laughter & JOY to you all. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

BCPE Director Liz Mykietyn as Beth Bradley circa 1982


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever The Bradley Family - Photo by Rob Cuevas, Providence Players
The Bradley Family – Can they tame the Herdmans? Photo by Rob Cuevas, Providence Players

The Bradley Family
Mrs. Bradley Michelle Shader
Mr. Bradley Daniel Calderon
Beth Bradley Evelyn Izdepski
Charlie Bradley Samuel Pounds

Best Christmas Pageant Ever The Herdman Kids Photo by Chip Gertzog, Providence Players
The Herdman Kids – The Worst Kids in the World? Photo by Chip Gertzog, Providence Players

The Herdman Kids
Ralph Herdman Jack Wright
Imogene Herdman Nora Rice
Loretta Herdman Kashvi Ramani
Claude Herdman Gavin Friel
Oliva “Ollie” Herdman Aerial Indirisano
Gladys Herdman Erika Friel

Marilyn Warren as Maxine in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Photo by Chip Gertzog Providence Players
Marilyn Warren Photo by Chip Gertzog, Providence Players

The Other Children
Alice Wendleken Katie Rice
Maxine Marilyn Warren
Elmer Hopkins Tyler DeMille
Hobie Lucas Warren

Providence Players The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Director Liz Mykietyn and the kids in the cast. Photo by Rob Cuevas Providence Players
Director Liz Mykietyn (foreground) rehearses a scene with the highly talented group of young people in the cast of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever which opens December 9th at the James Lee Community Center Theater. Photo by Rob Cuevas, Providence Players

The Church Community
Mrs. Armstrong Cheryl Bolt
Mrs. Slocum Judi Deatherage
Mrs. Clarkensing Wynter Chatman
Mrs. McCarthy Alison Raffaldt
Reverend Hopkins Sally Ann Flores

L to R: Judi Deatherage, Cheryl Bolt, Wynter Chatman and Alison Raffaldt, in rehearsal for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever opening December 9th. Photo by Rob Cuevas, Providence Players

The Angel Choir
Angel Choir Leader Kyleigh Friel
Angel Choir #2 Shirley Erin Casey
Angel Choir #3 Doris Matilda Lee
Angel Choir #4 Joselina Lemmerman
Angel Choir #5 Katya Zaitsev
Angel Choir #6 Ryley Rogers

Katie Rice and Kyleigh Friel Photo By Rob Cuevas, Providence Players
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Tyler DeMille and Samuel Pounds Photo by Chip Gertzog Providence Players
Tyler DeMille and Samuel Pounds Photo by Chip Gertzog, Providence Players










Baby Angel Choir
Baby Angel #1 Oju Ramani
Baby Angel #2 River Rogers
Baby Angel #3 John Rice
Baby Angel #4 Serena Indrisano
Baby Angel #5 Meadow DeMille


Nine Performances Including Four Matinees
Designed to Fit into The Busiest Holiday Schedule

Thur-Fri-Sat 7:30 pm Dec 9–17
Sat & Sun 2:00 pm Dec. 10, 11, 17, & 18


General Admission Seating – All Great Seats at
The James Lee Community Center Theater
2855 Annandale Road Falls Church VA