Callbacks Announced for Lion Witch Wardrobe


Director, Brian O’Connor, wishes to express his great appreciation for all the incredible actors and actresses that showed up to the auditions these past few days. We were all so pleased with the significant number of people who came to share their talents for this production.

Those asked to join us for callbacks are below. If you were not asked to return, please know that we appreciate you and hope that you will return for other auditions.  We wish we could have cast everyone who participated, but the unfortunate part of this process is that we cannot.

For those of you who were not called, please let us know if you have interest in working in some other way on the production, as we need lots of help backstage, in production roles and in the booth during performances.  We welcome your help and support.  Thanks again.

Prince McLaughlin & David Whitehead

The following individuals have been asked to come to the call backs on Tuesday October 7. The audition will take place in the James Lee Community Center Theater from 7-9:30pm.


  • Iris Berendes-Dean
  • Christine Carter
  • Bette Cassatt
  • Stephanie Celem 
  • Judi Deatherage
  • Mary Frances Dini
  • Samantha Feldman
  • Kyleigh Friel
  • Erin Gallalee
  • Annie Gardner
  • Angy Porras Gonalez
  • Ayesha Gowie
  • Clair Hungar
  • Jessica Inzeo
  • Julie Janson
  • Angelena LeBlanc
  • Lolita Marie
  • Brittany Marinakos
  • Callan McCormick
  • Heather Miska
  • Gina Noh
  • Nicole Owens
  • Abby Pierce
  • Tashi Poe
  • Deborah Sapolsky
  • Hazel Thurston
  • Emma Tower
  • Beth Whitehead
  • Emma Wood
  • Meghan Wood
  • Rachel Yeager
  • Rebecca Yee


  • Rob Cuevas
  • Joseph LeBlanc
  • Ethan Phillips
  • Jack Wright