“Silent Sky” Inspires Critics and Audiences!

DC Theater Arts Critic, Kendall Mostafavi, and opening weekend audiences are inspired by the women scientists of the early 1900s who “had to endure…to find fulfillment and balance in life, love, and ambition.

“Providence Players’ production of ‘Silent Sky’ is a delightful experience bursting with science, the importance of friendship, and the art of finding value in life….The cast does a great job bringing the material to life and keeping the energy flowing.”  ~ Kendall Mostafavi

“Gunderson’s writing is incredibly witty and surprisingly funny, which buoys the energy of the show among the many moments of frustration, disappointment, and heartbreak in Henrietta [Leavitt]’s life.”  ~ Kendall Mostafavi

A patron agreed:

“Attended the performance last night and it was amazing. The cast were all great and Tina Thronson rocked it as a director. If you have a chance go see this wonderful story of how women played a huge role in Astronomy you should do it.”  ~ M.W., Audience Member

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