“November” Receives Rave Reviews!

DC Theater Arts Critic Linda Kinney and opening weekend audiences give rave reviews of Providence Players’ production of November, by David Mamet.

“…I enjoyed the campiness and slapstick comedy of this play…This was my first attendance at a Providence Players of Fairfax show, and I look forward to returning. Kudos to all involved for an entertaining production.” – Linda Kinney, DC Theater Arts Critic

Audiences agreed:

“…the funniest show I’ve seen at Providence Players.” ~ Long-time patron

“…Outrageously Hilarious!” – Audience member.

“Wickedly Funny!” – Audience member.

“This is the best play I’ve ever seen. Please tell everyone that seriously this is the BEST play I’ve ever seen.” ~ Opening Weekend Patron

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Warning: This play contains strong language and adult content.