Critics Heap More Praise on “The Gift of the Magi”

“Brimming with the spirit of giving and the warmth of a classic romance, The Gift of the Magi is a magnificent, early American alternative to another seasonal fare…a heart-warming and wholesome event that could melt the Grinch’s cold heart.”

For theatre-goers of all ages, The Gift of the Magi is a gift that gives a huge tug to the heart-strings and is a perfect balm for a weary world. You won’t want to miss this holiday hit.”

~ Lee Jeffreys, Maryland Theater Guide Arts Critic

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Alex Marshall as Jim, Anand Tripathi as Digsby, and Jessica Singley as Della.

Audience members shared:

“If this doesn’t put you in the Christmas spirit, then I don’t know what will!” Jonathan S., Opening Weekend Patron
“Spectacular!”  Kathy M., Opening Weekend Patron
“We didn’t realize how funny it was going to be.”  Julie M., Opening Weekend Patron
“What a sweet example of true love, one for all us during this holiday season.”  Joan N., Opening Weekend Patron


DS Rawlings as the Bootman and Jessica Singley as Della.