“And Then There Were None” Opens Tonight!

Murder Starts Tonight!

(L-R) James McDaniel as Judge Hargrave, Jaclyn Robertson as Vera Claythorne, Allen McRae as Phillip Lombard and David Ranowsky as General Mackenzie. Photo by Chip Gertzog.

What the critics say of Agatha Christie’s most famous story!

And Then There Were None is a fantastic psychological portrait of a group of frightened, confused people turning on one another in the face of fear.” – Collider

“From its first golden images of drowning to the drawing-room showdowns on a dark and stormy night, And Then There Were None is a triumph of atmosphere and an adaptation bold enough to make you uncomfortable to the very last.” – AV Club

“Even though it was written in 1939, as a serialized newspaper story, it feels modern in its moral complexities.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch

Enjoy these photos by Chip Gertzog of a recent dress rehearsal!