“Shadow Box…a wonderful theatre experience.”

The Shadow Box recieves high acclaim from our friends at ShowBizRadio.net.  We are extremely proud of this production, and we hope you take the opportunity to read this wonderful review.  Here is small excerpt.

“I must say that I don’t cry at plays. Sure I feel the emotions as most of us do, but while sitting in the audience, the emotions are usually kept in check. John Coscia playing Joe and Jayne Victor playing Maggie are two excellent actors. They have totally fleshed out their characters and captured every moment. They will effortlessly rip your heart out and dance on it. All I can say is, “Wow!” what a wonderful theatrical experience. Thank you both. You had me at “Hello!”

Leta Hall in the role of Agnes and Mona Kay Helper in the role of Felicity are yet another tour-de-force actors within our midst. They both quietly present their characters in a way that we all feel as if we’ve known them in our lives. Leta’s characters moments of realization and discoveries with her characters subsequent anguish of responsibilities will tug heartily at your heartstrings. I expected this kind of performance from Leta and she did a fabulous job. In turn, so did Mona Kay Helper. A wonderful job of understanding of her characters life.” –  ShowBizRadio

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