“Don’t Dress for Dinner” is an absolute smash hit!

DC Theater Arts Critic William Powell and opening weekend audiences believe Don’t Dress for Dinner, by Marc Camoletti, is a “smash hit!”

“This convoluted romantic farce is a deliciously funny show….an energetic show that keeps smiles, giggles, and laughter flowing throughout…’Don’t Dress for Dinner’ will gnaw on your funny bone. It is a deliciously funny show that you should consume forthwith!”

Audiences agreed:


“…Best show Providence Players has ever done!”

“…I’m coming back to see it again; it was so fun, and I know I missed some things!  So funny!”

“Absolutely wonderful!  One of the best shows I’ve seen you all do.  Hilarious!”

“…I’m so glad I came.  I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this!”

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