Laundry and Bourbon/Lone Star “Touchless” Playbill

Providence Players of Fairfax presents…

Producer – Jayne L. Victor            Stage Manager – Danine Welsh

PPF presents A Night Under the (Lone) Stars in accordance with regulations from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

In order to ensure safe practices during the performance, please:

  • Wear a mask (required unless eating or drinking)
  • Remain socially distanced from others who are not in your square


Musical Entertainment by Gretchen Purser and the Lone Star Band

Lone Star Band:  Lester Jones, Scott Freeman, Kevin Kirby & Alex Roddey

Gretchen Purser is a reformed political hack turned bar singer.  This is her first production with Providence Players and she’s excited to join the parking lot party.  Gretchen resides in Alexandria with her husband Craig and three children.  Post pandemic she can be found playing the bar scene in and around Old Town Alexandria.

Laundry and Bourbon
by James McLure


Elizabeth – Julie Janson
Hattie – Sara Joy Lebowitz
Amy Lee – Jaclyn Robertson

Setting:  The Caulder Home

Lone Star
by James McLure


Roy – David Whitehead
Ray – Bobby Welsh
Cletis – Chuck O’Toole

Place:  Maynard, Texas, Behind Angel’s Bar
Time:  One A.M. Summer Night

There will be no intermission between plays.

The Production Team

Director, Laundry and BourbonBeth Gilles-Whitehead
Director, Lone StarMichael Donahue
Stage Manager – Danine Welsh
Assistant Stage Manager – Maggie Landis
Producer – Jayne L. Victor
Assistant to the Producer – Janet Bartelmay
Assistant to the Producer – Susan Kaplan
Costume Design – Ali Zaikouk & Beth Gilles-Whitehead
Seamstress – Tommie Curtis
Hair and Makeup Design – Beth Harrison & Robbie Snow
Props/Set Design – Beth Harrison & Robbie Snow
Light Design – Dan Schrader & Chip Gertzog
Sound Design – Brian O’Connor, Chip Gertzog & Christopher Crockett
Music Design/Arrangement – John Smith
Marketing/Promotion – Jaclyn Robertson, Julie Janson & David Whitehead
Playbill – Susan Kaplan

Special Thanks…

The Providence Players extends its deep thanks to:
Younes and the staff of The Italian Café
Ingrid David, Cathy Phillips, and Kathy White for the donation of props and set pieces

Thank you all for joining us for A Night Under the (Lone) Stars, a special theater adventure.  We appreciate your support and patronage during these trying times.

The Actors

Julie Janson (Elizabeth)  is back on stage having spent the last two years working behind the scenes directing and producing PopUps and working various diversity efforts. As a member of the PPF Board she thanks all involved in making this project a reality.

Sara Joy Lebowitz (Hattie) is a middle school theater teacher who is thrilled for this chance to be back on stage.  Thank you to everyone for their support of this production in these weird and wacky times.

Jaclyn Robertson (Amy Lee), as a native of Texas and a lapsed Baptist, it’s not much of a stretch for Jaclyn to play Amy Lee. She loves using her real accent under the beautiful Virginia sky and thanks Beth and her stage frenemies Julie and Sara Joy for all the fun.

Chuck O’Toole (Cletis) is a grizzled veteran of four Providence Players productions and a proud alum of the Theatre Lab’s Honors Acting Conservatory in DC. He is deeply grateful to Mike and PPF for this opportunity to shake the COVID blues, and to his beloved Leah for everything else.

Bobby Welsh (Ray) loves acting with PPF so much, he wouldn’t do it for money.  His hat does its own stunts in the show.

David Whitehead (Roy) is a veteran member of PPF, having played many roles including, most recently, Frank in Mere Mortals, Walter Burns in Front Page and Antonio Salieri in Amadeus, which earned him a WATCH nomination for outstanding lead actor in a play. David sits on PPF’s Board of Directors and is delighted to be working on another production with his amazing wife, Beth (director of Laundry and Bourbon).