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Providence Players performs at the James Lee Community Center by agreement with the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services.

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James Lee Community Center Theater

The building that is now James Lee Community Center was first built in 1948 as The James E. Lee Elementary School when schools were segregated in Fairfax County.  At the time the school was nearing completion in 1948, the Falls Church Echo newspaper noted, “The Auditorium, containing a new type of inclined floor…has a complete stage, with footlights…”, and area residents today still talk of the talent shows they participated in or watched in that auditorium. The James Lee Community Center Theater is a restoration of that same auditorium. The venue in which you sit was once filled with the laughter and joy of children and provided a focal point for the community for generations.

Providence Players is honored to perform at a facility so rich in history and with so much meaning to the community. It is our hope that Providence Players will provide yet another reason for the community to come together in laughter and joy.