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Providence Players Theater Calendar

View and Download the 2018-2019 Providence Players Master Events, Production and Theater Use Calendar

The 2018-2019 Master Calendar provides a 12 month view of scheduled PPF activities. It is important to note that the calendar reflects approved theater use times based on our agreement with the Fairfax County Dept. of Neighborhood and Community Services – James Lee Community Center Theater Manager. These are theater access times and not necessarily rehearsal start and end times which are set by the director/production team of each production based on this calendar. This schedule is subject to some change over time and will be updated as warranted. From time to time, additional rehearsals are added, either in the theater if it is available, in other space at the James Lee Community Center, or in other locations. These additions will not be reflected on this master calendar as they are arranged separately for each production. Audition dates and any desired pick-up rehearsals for each production are NOT  listed as they are arranged separately with the James Lee Theater Manager on a space available basis.