Sleight of Hand (A PopUp)

By Mary Zuzik Andrechik

Play Synopsis

A light-hearted comedy, Sleight of Hand follows 95-year-old Harvey as he looks to add some excitement to his life by robbing a bank.  His wife, Esther, and best friends, Arthur and Mildred, all think he is crazy, but Harvey forges ahead on his adventure.  While in the bank, he must confront the flaws in his plan, along with the Bank President and Bank Security, until his beloved Esther rushes in.  Sleight of Hand is a delightful, short comedy that proves that you are never too old to cross something off your bucket list.

Playwright and Director, Mary Zuzik Andrechik

About the Playwright and Director

Mary Zuzik Andrechik is a veteran actor, having over 25 years of experience on stages all across the country.  Most recently, she performed in Providence Players’ The Librarian as the Clown.

When the pandemic hit, she began to explore other creative outlets, accepting a writing challenge from Cone Man Running Productions in Houston, TX, and Sleight of Hand was born!  Since the start of quarantine, Mary has written three short plays.  Among them, Sleight of Hand and Alexandra’s Second Act, or How Tamora Saved My Life  have been performed as audio plays on The War of the Words podcast.  Her holiday play, Tingle Saves Hanumas will be read as part of Adventure Theatre’s Jingle in July festival.

Mary is also thrilled to take the reins as Director on this very personal project.  Mary completed this play the day before her aunt, Iris Zuzik, passed away at the fabulous age of 97!  Iris was a FORCE…the original Esther/Mildred/Harvey/Arthur…a WWII Vet and a lady who truly LIVED.  This play is dedicated, with much love, to her.