Announcing the cast of “A Christmas Carol”

On behalf of Providence Players of Fairfax, Director Beth Whitehead is pleased to announce the cast of A Christmas Carol, which runs December 7-16.

ACC graphicSt. Louis can get mighty cold in December, especially when there’s not enough food to go around. It was 1933, and times were hard. People were out of work, lost their homes, their families, and many lost hope. A Shakespearean actor and his manager run out of gas, and the townsfolk agree to supply them with some if they tell them the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. Hope is born as the town jumps in as Dickensian characters amid bluegrass music and the redemptive spirit inspired by this timeless tale. This depression-era adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic truly brings this story to life.

(* denotes Providence Players debut)

Tim Brown as Narrator
David Whitehead as Ebenezer Scrooge/Winthrop
Kyle McClain* as Fred/Charlie
Laura Champe-Mitchell as Business Woman/Heather
Steven Palkovitz* as Marley/Rich
Daniel Lavanga* as Bob Cratchit/Michael
Roxanne Waite as Mrs. Cratchit/Kathy
Erin Casey as Belinda/Eleanor
Brendan Dure as Peter/Trevor
Caden Mitchell as Tiny Tim/Jack
Thomas Udlock* as Young Scrooge/Nolan
Sarah Lemon* as Young Belle/Jen
Evelyn Izdepski as Fan/Susie
Chloe Sinder* as Second Sister/Maid/Lily
Talia Cutler as Ghost of Christmas Past/Emma
Ward Kay as Fezziwig/Ghost of Christmas Present/Lou
Sally Ann Flores as Mrs. Fezziwig/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/Tara
Shawn Hubbard as Young Ebeneezer/Walker Boy/Ted
Amanda Ranowsky as Niece/Dee
Brittany Maninakos as Henrietta/Jean
Ariana Colligan as Martha/First Guest/Caroline
Jeanna Lee* as Charwoman/Suzette
Nick Manicone as Old Joe/John
Judi Deatherage as Laundress/Lisa
Champe Mitchell as Boy/Daffyd
Erika Friel as Want/Olivia